Why Easy Gold Crowns?

We were founded on the cornerstone of providing the best materials for dental patient health. We firmly believe that gold should be a viable option in the treatment planning for any patient requiring posterior restorative crowns or bridges. Over the past few decades the increased cost of gold and dental technician labor has priced gold crowns beyond the budget of most dentists and patients.

This is a tragic loss given gold’s benefits to the dental patient.

Gold is by far the best material for a posterior crown not in the smile zone. No other material matches gold’s biocompatibility, durability, and kindness to surrounding teeth. At last, technological advances have brought CAD/CAM manufacturing to dentistry. These advances have eliminated much of the cost for both the gold and labor in the old manufacturing process, and simultaneously produced a more accurate device than ever before.

Easy Gold Crowns aims to reverse this downward usage trend by offering flat fee, direct milled, all metal crowns in three alloy choices: high noble, noble, and CoCr (base). It is our mission to make it easy and affordable for those dentists embracing digital dentistry to once again offer the best material in dentistry.

Easy has calculated a flat fee for the average gold crown based on data from the first and finest, direct-milled precious metals manufacturer in the United States. This affords the peace of mind knowing the fee for the crown at the time treatment is planned, while confidently providing your patients with the finest in milled precious metals for their wellbeing.

For dentists who are practicing digital dentistry, prescribing a gold crown just got very easy. Create an account today and place an order the next time the treatment plan calls for it.

Call 703-719-1673 or e-mail info@easygoldcrowns.com with questions.

The Workflow is Simple

Once you have your account setup, you will be able to place an order.

Scan you impression and place your order. You will have the opportunity to select preferences for contact areas and intensities.

At the time you upload your file, you will be prompted to pay via credit card, as with ordering other things online.

Easy Gold Crowns will provide a refined CAD design for your device. On the first case or two we will discuss and confirm preferences like contact areas and intensities.

Once dialed in, the case is vectored to the milling center and milled from a solid puck of gold to the final polish stage.

It is inspected, payment is verified, and the device is shipped directly to you.

You micro-blast the internal aspects, final polish, sterilize, and deliver to your patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we compare your price to what we currently pay for gold units?

First analyze the number of gold units placed last year, their total cost including alloy, and remakes. Find the average cost per unit. The difference between that average and my price is what you're looking for. The national average lab bill per unit of high noble gold is around $600 with alloy.

Next understand that this new gold service offering is unlike the traditional lab process in every way. The reason this workflow is successful is due to the elimination of all of the variables associated with the list of various different materials used in the traditional workflow. All services and materials are included in our price. The product that you receive will be different in a few ways from the cast gold you’re familiar with.

How is your service so different?

Flat fee – this provides predictability in treatment planning, accurate estimates protect margins

Highest quality gold devices – smallest margin gap of all, even cast---least likely to fail by leaking

Virtually porosity-free – highly polished, stable, and easy to clean—can last a lifetime

Simple workflow – very few steps – simplifies the most successful treatment technique

Refined design based on decades of experience fabricating dental prosthetics of all kinds

Less than a 0.5% remake rate – ensures successful delivery appointments

Very fast turnaround – 5 days or less for high quality gold

Something gold is new again. Example: Remember “Direct-Wax” ? This is Direct-wax via scan, then computer aided design for gold. No wax, no investment, no furnace or casting machine, no finishing. Only minimal final polishing is to be completed by the customer, leaving the final control of the critical margin in the hands of the dentist.

Are there any volume discounts for DSOs or other groups?

Easy Gold Crowns was built to bring high quality gold quickly, simply, easily, and at the lowest possible price, so that more patients can benefit from gold’s superior performance and save more of their teeth. The new technology is only now being explored by dentists, but it is catching on. Labs have been relying on this on-shore-outsource technology for almost a decade. It works. Gold prices are set by market forces beyond our control, but we mitigate that volatility by assuming the risk on the market side. As volume increases we vow to maintain the lowest possible prices, and we predict that as use increases the prices will decrease. We believe that the best use of gold’s value is in sealing a tooth and protecting opposing teeth. It is a most noble use, and why we do what we do.

Volume discounts will be realized by everyone using the service as the idea becomes more popular.

Is it true that mills can’t replicate the quality of human technicians?

Milled gold as with other metals requires a specialized machine, more robust than other milling machines in the dental industry. Because of their cost, and several other factors, only a few companies in the world offer this service. Similar to other dental labs, or any business for that matter, they range in quality of output. Easy Gold Crowns sources through a DAMAS certified manufacture, using only FDA approved alloys, and automated Roders RDX5 milling machines. They continue to output the only direct-milled crowns that were studied, compared to cast crowns, and found to show “significant improvement in margin gap”, which is the area of highest concern in fixed prosthetics. These devices are the highest quality gold dental devices being manufactured today.

These mills are capable of milling gold to a thickness of less than .1mm, or they can mill the detail of a Ti base, or screw holes for implants. If it can be designed and nested into a puck, we can probably mill it.